African proverb "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito"

Hi, I’m Sarah

I started my career in intercultural communication, before moving to PR agencies in Paris, London and Brazil where I worked on international communication campaigns. In the years that followed the financial crisis, I focused more and more on supporting CSR initiatives and social impact programmes as businesses started to realise their role and responsibility in building a better society. 

I’ve worked across industries with a wide range of clients all committed to positive social change, from fashion to finance, from energy to gender equality. I work for B-corps, foundations, social innovators, impact investors as well as multinational corporates.

Much of my work is global and takes me from female entrepreneurs in California to social innovators in Sub-Saharan Africa, and back home again to the foodbanks of East London where I live. I truly believe that the most critical challenges our world faces today will be best solved when we work across borders, share knowledge and collaborate on common themes. 

I speak fluent French and rusty Portuguese and have a solid understanding of the challenges, and benefits of collaborating globally.

I work part-time so that I can spend time raising three tiny but very fierce little girls, who one day will be change-makers themselves. 

I’m an Associate with several award-winning agencies, all brilliant for different reasons, including Seven Consultancy, Wide PR, Atalanta and Kin&Co.

Personality-wise, I’m one of these. Contact me here or connect with me on LinkedIn 

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